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February 16, 2013
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MA App: Snorri the Skoffin by Bloomins MA App: Snorri the Skoffin by Bloomins

:: True Name ::


:: Age ::
 141 (looks about 20-24 in his human form)

:: Monster Type/Species ::
   Skoffin. According to certain sites and books, the Skoffin is an Icelandic bird with the qualities of a dragon and basilisk. It is capable of breathing fire and has a penetrating gaze that can kill not only others but itself if it sees its reflection or another Skoffin. For Snorri, however, the gaze does not kill, but merely paralyzes for no more than a few days. Think being petrified by the Harry Potter Basilisk, except not as long lasting and it typically wears off on its own.

:: Grade ::

:: Glamor Item ::
 Cross Necklace inherited from an old friend.

:: Favorite Class ::
 Mystics and Magic (He'd think the teacher was hilarious)

:: Worst Class ::
 Potions (it's hard to tell the difference between vials without some help)

:: Current Classes ::

:: Passed Classes ::

:: Current Points ::

:: Natural Weapons ::
 Sharp beak (also pinches something fierce), talons, paralyzing gaze.

:: Trained Weapons ::
 Sorry to disappoint, but none, really. Plays the sympathy card like a champ? :dummy:

:: Weakness ::
 -- Silver bullets with crosses engraved on them can be fatal.
 -- Weasels are immune to his gaze.
 -- The smell of rue makes him nauseous.
 -- Looking at his own reflection causes him to paralyze himself. While he is paralyzed, his gaze is temporarily nullified.

:: Major Skills ::
 -- Paralyzing Gaze: Looking into someone's eyes will paralyze someone for a minimum of a few hours and a maximum of a few days. The longer one sees the skoffin's eyes, the longer they will be frozen.
 -- Fire Breathing: Skoffins can actually breathe fire, in a similar manner to a dragon.
 -- Healing: Skoffins can only die by silver bullets, so they are not able to be killed by other normal means. This doesn't mean, however, that they cannot bleed or break bones. Luckily, if wounds or bones are broken, they will heal with time. However, if the wounds are too severe (to the point that they would be fatal for a human), skoffins may fall into a coma-like state in which their body nearly shuts down and focuses solely on healing.

:: Minor Skills ::
 -- Acute Senses: While they are not heightened to the point of being "super human," he is still more sensitive to things like touch, smell, and hearing. This is true for both his bird and human form.
 -- Climbing: As a bird, he has feet similar to that of a parrot, so he is able to climb very well and even hold onto and maneuver objects. And you can bet that if he gets ahold of something with those feet, he won't be letting go any time soon.

:: Personality::
   Being blind means that Snorri is often oblivious to many things and social cues. But really, sometimes he just plays it up to irritate some people or as an excuse. He is often confident, and by confident, I mean he's confident that he'll make mistakes, though he takes such errors in stride. He can be a little cheeky at times, though he does that to try and make people a little more comfortable or relaxed. He's not often easily insulted, but when he is, he won't hesitate to say what's on his mind. Even still, he's learned to forgive and respect differing opinions well enough, thanks to his upbringing.~

:: Character's Background ::
   He was hatched from an egg in Lokinhamradalur Valley, near Arnarfjörður, Iceland in 1872. It was during this time that the Skoffin population was in heavy decline. They were being eradicated, and already the father had been lost to a silver bullet. The mother skoffin was desperate for protection so she flew to the nearest human residence, hoping to find some help. Luckily, it was not a hunter's cottage, but a farmer’s land. And there she found the friend she needed: a little boy, no older than 8, fetching water from a well. With some gentle persuasion and a downturned gaze, the mother skoffin was able to convince the boy to help. The child followed her back to her nest, plucked up the baby, and (with some careful crafting), was able to hide them in his room. He always kept his window cracked for the mother to get out, and the nest was hidden in his bottom dresser drawer. By punching a hole in the bottom of the wood, the mother could enter and tend to her baby easily.

   Months went by, and while the mother tended to her baby during the day, the boy worked out in the fields with his father. But on at night and especially on Sundays, the boy would take some time to read the only book that the family had: the Bible. Of course, the little baby started picking up on these words, and much like a parrot, was soon able to recite them by the time he grew his fluffy down feathers.

   Times were happy and simple then. A few years slowly ticked by, and the mother and baby were able to remain well hidden. However, one day, the mother didn't come back, and soon the boy, much to his horror, caught wind of a hunter’s new skoffin prize. Distraught and at a loss of what to do, he feared the worst now if the young baby were found out on its own. So at a complete loss of anything else to do, he went to speak with his father.

   The boy was terrified and had a hard time explaining. The father was of course surprised, and demanded to see the creature that the boy had. Pleading the entire time, the child led the older man up to his room and produced the bird for the him to see. He scrutinized the way the baby bird kept its eyes closed and remained hunkered down in the child's hand. Knowing that there was someone new, the baby nervously spouted off verse after verse of text, and that was what convinced the father that this was not in fact a monster, but a sign and a blessing from the heavens above. So the little bird was dubbed Snorri and was kept as the secret treasure of the farm.

   Snorri stayed perfectly hidden for years, learning any texts, readings, and lessons when he could while growing a strong bond with the boy. Sometimes, when everyone was sure that no one was around, Snorri was even allowed outside to taste the fresh air and try his skills in flying. Everything was simple, but good. Soon, however, famine drove the residents of the town, including the humble little family, to leave Iceland and move to America in 1898. There, they settled in a little town called Eyford in North Dakota with other Icelanders. There, the family picked up farming once more, and everything was as it was in before. He continued his studies and even worked hard to to pick up on Braille every chance he got (which was both surprising and rather difficult for a bird to learn, but Snorri was no ordinary bird) so he wouldn't have to worry about accidentally looking up and catching his reflection in a shiny candle holder or the like. Life was slow and simple, just as before. But in what felt like the blink of an eye to Snorri, the little boy he grew up, got married, had children, grew old... and died. It was a heart wrenching experience for Snorri, much more than the death of his mother or the father had ever been (for he was little and barely remembered it). Only time was able to dull the pain.

   He was passed down with the family, like an heirloom, and the son of Snorri's dear friend fell away from farming with the death of his father. So a new form of life was taught to the bird. A more "modern life," as the son called it, filled with factory work and blue collar shirts. Yet cycle was the same. The son married, had a family, and died, and his son married, had a family, and left the world as well. This was living with humans, Snorri thought sadly one dark gloomy morning. He wasn't quite sure he liked this. With each loss Snorri had grown more and more tired of his mundane life. In skoffin years, he was still quite young and restless. With the invention of radio, televisions, HDTVs (the not-shiny ones as he lovingly calls them), he'd gotten the chance to discover how beautiful and immense the world really was. And he wanted to be apart of it.

   It was about this time, when Snorri had just turned 141, when a letter was mysteriously shipped to his family's house. It was an invitation to... somewhere... Somewhere where there were others like him. So he readily agreed. It sounded like they could help him, and while he'd miss the family he’d grown with over the last century, he couldn't help but to look forward to this brand new time in his life. Maybe a time without loss and an uneventful life.

:: Roleplay Example ::
It had been a long day of trying to get around campus. Between learning his way around the hallways and avoiding any unwanted obstacles, it was pretty tough. But at least it was the end of the day now, and Snorri could shed his glamour and curl up to rest. Entering his room, he found his way to his bed and desk before laying his cross glamour aside. His form shrunk into its smaller bird body and he clambered his way up to his bed. Finding his makeshift nest of blankets and pillows, he sidled into it and sat down for a well-deserved snooze.

:: Roleplay Info ::
Snorri is actually a character that I look to replace soon, but that doesn't mean I still won't RP him if someone wants him. I'm typically on a couple times a week and later on at night, around 8:00pm EST. I have about a couple of hours to RP thanks to my new college schedule.

:: Extra Info ::
 -- He wears all black mainly because he is too lazy doesn't want to fool with learning how to tag his clothes.
 -- He. Looooves technology. Like. As soon as he was human, he immediately went out and bought an iPhone. He's rarely seen without his phone and earbuds.
 -- His favorite color is actually orange.
 -- His favorite tv channels are Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and the History Channel (shh, he loves Meerkat Manor).
 -- Snorri bumps into stuff a lot, so he's usually covered in bruises and/or scrapes. But he's coo wid it.
 -- Speaking of bumps and bruises, Snorri doesn't know how to fly well. Most of the times he's tried, he's run head first into things and knocked himself out for a good number of minutes.
 -- Snorri was a believer in elves before elves were cool. :iconhipsterarielplz: No, but seriously. He and his family were all strong believers in mystical creatures.
 -- Birthday is November 18, 1872
 --Height:  Human: 5 foot 11 inches, Bird: About 10 inches long

Snorri © :iconbloomins:
:iconmonsteracademy: © :iconrawrsexykitty:
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